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2016 Editor’s Choice Award Winning Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Melanie Grady Wedding Photographer, Best wedding photography, award winning wedding photography, Nashville wedding photography

I’m so excited to share some amazing news with you!!  Melanie Grady is officially a 2016 Editor’s Choice Award Winning Wedding & Portrait Photographer – how cool does that sound!  Here’s how it happened (read on, read on)

Melanie Grady Wedding Photographer, Best wedding photography, award winning wedding photography, Nashville wedding photography

Two Bright Lights is a collaborative network where spectacular images are simply
sourced and globally published. Their system makes it easy for over 12,000 professional
photographers to submit their work to be featured in magazines, blogs and newspapers
around the world. In tandem, their content management system allows editors to manage
large volumes of incoming submissions and streamline communications.

Currently, their membership includes over 400 editors and 30,000 businesses in 83 countries.
To date, their software platform has enabled more than 40,000 editorial features to be
sourced and published.

The Editors’ Choice Awards honor Two Bright Lights’ members whose talent was continually recognized by top print magazines, blogs and websites.

My hard work and commitment to getting published placed me among the top 5% featured, from a community made up of over 40,000 photographers and event professionals!!

Using Two Bright Lights, I was featured in media outlets that included POPSUGAR MomsThe KnotBorrowed & BlueRustic Folk WeddingsBeyond the WanderlustPretty Perfect Living, and The Frosted Petticoat.  


Being in the top 5% of photographers on Two Bright Lights literally blows my mind!  I can’t wait to submit more and more weddings and portrait sessions to be published in 2016.  This incredibly amazing honor was a complete surprise this year, but it will definitely be something I will strive to obtain in 2016 and the years to come.

If you are a photographer and would like to start submitting your work to be published, I highly recommend giving Two Bright Lights a try.

Hey, I have another link that I really want you to click on!!  – – –  HERE – – –

Melanie 2016

The amazing and lovely people over at Colorvale Actions recently interviewed me, and featured me and my work on their blog!  Seeing features like this out there really makes me proud of what I have accomplished thus far in my photography career and I am humbled by their kind words.

The greatest thing about this interview is the question that they asked me about what my goals are for the next 5 years.  The first thing I said was that I would love to have a studio outside of my home.  Well guess what?… just two days ago, I received the keys to MY OWN STUDIO/OFFICE.  I literally answered the questions for this interview only 2 weeks ago, and just a few days later I saw the most adorable little red house in historic downtown Cross Plains go back on the commercial real estate market (AKA big FOR RENT sign in the front window).  I have been eyeing this place up since we moved to Cross Plains from Pittsburgh.  It is the cutest little building (one room) with lots of natural lightened and history.  So, for the past two days I’ve been painting, shopping, and daydreaming about how it will look when I’m done with all the hard work.  I can’t wait to be a physical part of my community and meet so many more people in town.  I have already booked a few meetings at the studio and people are dying to see it. The studio is only a short 30 minute drive to downtown Nashville, so my hope is to provide an impeccable service to not only the wedding couples and families in Robertson County, but to all of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville and Franklin, TN!

A detailed blog post with photos of the new studio is coming soon!!

Wishing you lots of blessings!!

Nashville wedding photographer

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