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Kennywood Park – a day at Kiddie Land

Just a personal photo blog post from our trip to Kennywood Park last week.  If you aren’t sure what Kennywood is, please check out their website:  This massive Pittsburgh amusement park is only about 1 mile from our home.  I’ve been going there since I was a teeny tiny tot.

4 adults + 2 toddlers + 1 newborn + 1 wagon + 1 huge cooler + 1 Canon 5D Mark II and a 50mm f/1.4.

Kennywood Park - photography


Our Ada, while we waited for her uncle, aunt, and cousins.  Kennywood Park - Melanie Grady photography

She just loves her daddy (unfortunately she was also itching her eczema)

Kennywood Park - Melanie Grady photography

My crazy girl

Kennywood Park - Melanie Grady photographyKennywood Park entrance - Melanie Grady photography

One of my favorite Ada & Lily photos of all time.  These girls are ready for a day of adventure. Kennywood Park - Melanie Grady photographyKiddie Land at Kennywood

The little turtles are no joke.  They were a little rough for little peanut Ada & my pregnant self.  Kiddie Land at Kennywood

I found this duck pond to be a big waste of $2. lol.  She picked her 3 ducks in about 3 seconds & that was it.

Pick a tiny, ugly, strange unidentifiable creature (you can see it in her pocket). Kiddie Land at Kennywood - pick a duck

She came so close to napping, but could never quite fall asleep.  I wanted to pull my hair out at times. Kiddie Land at Kennywood - sleeping baby - wagon ride

Taking a break to cuddle baby RubyKennywood 2014-44_BLOG

The best way to cool off!
Pittsburgh Plunge at Kennywood

Here they are faking it again.  Don’t be fooled.  Sleeping babies in wagon at Kennywood

She looks ready for the 4th of July this upcoming weekend!

Stickers occupied the girls for a while when the guys rode the new Black Widow.  Seemed like an eternity!Kennywood Park - star stickers - sitting on a bench - Lost Kennywood

A quick classic Kennywood portraitKennywood Park - family portrait - Lost Kennywood

Ada actually enjoyed the swings.  I’m pretty sure she was petrified on every other ride.  Kiddie Land at Kennywood - swings

Especially this one. Kiddie Land at Kennywood - Dumbo - elephant ride

This one was her last straw.  Too much.  She backed out of the next two rides.Kiddie Land at Kennywood - scary ride

Although, we somehow got her on a horse.  She’s still talking about the “ride. horse”.  Kiddie Land at Kennywood - carousel ride

Picnic groves for another break.  Sweet Ruby smiled for the first time ever… and as soon as I got my camera, she immediately got upset.  Kennywood 2014-81_BLOGKennywood 2014-85_BLOG

Ada just loves babies! Especially “Baby Ruby”. Kennywood 2014-87_BLOGKiddie Land at Kennywood - running around

The only person Ada is afraid of (besides Santa & the Easter Bunny)… “Unc” short for Uncle
Kennywood 2014-92_BLOGWe ate very well.Kennywood funnel cakes

Love the big carousal  Kennywood carousel - mommy and me

One shot I wanted – I got.  Thanks brother.
Goodnight Kennywood sign

OMG – we were all so fall-over tired by the time we left.  We grabbed a pizza for dinner and the girls stayed up way too late entertaining one another.  Awesome day.




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