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Heather and Camden’s Wedding – Rustic, Romantic, & Rainy

June 8, 2019

After being a part of this beautiful, heartfelt wedding, I saw proof that rain really does mean good luck on your wedding day. During Heather and Camden’s big day, it rained on and off all day long. Even though the ceremony had to be moved inside the barn at Bagsby Ranch, it was still absolutely beautiful. The staff at the charming venue flawlessly carried out the initial design and theme they had planned for outside. I don’t think any of the guests even noticed the change in plans. We managed to go outside for a few photos between downpours, and the results are stunning. The dark clouds provided a striking backdrop against the bridesmaids’ blush-colored dresses and the bride’s gorgeous white gown. The clouds provided the perfect soft diffused light, and the rain made the grass even more vibrant as it sparkled with dew.

The entire wedding party was a joy to work with. They kept me laughing, and they all had the most upbeat and easygoing attitudes with the unpredictable weather. They were up for anything, and a little rain couldn’t get them down – they had a marriage to celebrate! These two are so blessed with amazing friends. 

Heather and Camden are the sweetest couple, and they really just embraced the unpredictable weather and enjoyed every moment. Heather even didn’t even mind getting her dress a little wet for some bridal party and couple’s photos. I drove us in a golf cart to the beautiful road with trees lined on each side of the road creating a canopy. It was well worth getting a little damp for!

Heather and Camden have such a great connection. I loved capturing them in the candid moments they spent together as newlyweds (especially on the dance floor). They are just starting out on their grand adventure as husband and wife, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Congratulations, Heather and Camden! I wish you both the very best.



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