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1 year of nothing but love

BABY’s CHANGE SO MUCH IN 1 YEAR!!!!!  I can’t believe how much Ada has grown, has learned, has experienced, and has made so many people so incredibly happy in just 1 trip around the sun!  I remember back when I was pregnant and we were at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival – we were looking at girls’ names and their meanings.  I remember reading about “Ada” being an “eclectic, center of attention, life of the party” kind of girl.  This was AFTER we had decided on her name.  I was a little scared.  It only made sense that the child of mine and Josh’s would have some of those characteristics.  “Life of the party” made us a little worried for those years that we caused our parents so much grief (sorry Mom!  love you!).  After a year of getting to know her, I can say that the “center of attention” characteristic is 100% spot on.  This girl LOVES people!  She LOVES when people pay attention to her.  In fact, she NEEDS people to pay attention to her – at home, at Arby’s, at Target, even in her car seat while I’m pumping gas.  If you and her have eye contact – it’s over.  She will make you smile, make your heart melt, and make you feel really bad when you have to leave the room or walk away from her.  The energy she pulls from people is amazing.  The huge smile on her face when a total stranger walks up next to us in the grocery store makes my heart sing.  She knows no fault in anyone – a characteristic of an angel and one I pray stays with her for a very long time.  She has blessed so many with her big goofy grins at the most random places… and has added a JOY to our family that is incomprehensible.  At about 11 months old, I can quote Josh at a restaurant saying, “Ada, stop flirting with everyone and please just eat your food”.

Here is one of my favorite “before and after” shots



I have to get back to editing for my clients… so I will post more about her big birthday celebration soon!  🙂


Update* 10-25-13…  I need to add some of her 9 month session, because I am soooo behind and soooo bad at sharing her photos.  So, here they are…. some of her at 9 months.  In our in-home studio.  🙂



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